Options to stay in USA. OPT expires in Dec 2012.

I have a full-time offer from a very reputed company. But the lousy HR delayed the H1-B application (even though my rec was approved in March itself). It finally came to the situation where my LCA was applied for today (same day as the USCIS announced that the CAP-Gap has been reached). I’m on STEM Extension OPT that runs out in Dec 2012. what are my options of staying in the country and working 40 hours? Somebody please advise, the situation is as desperate as it can get.


Sorry to hear that. i am in the same ship. I am working fulltime and on OPT extension. Now company couln’t file application in time. I am stuck , don’t know what to do.

Please keep me updated, if you find any way.

I will also keep you posted if any solutions are their.


Sure Naveen. hoping to get some answers here. i’m wondering if there are university programs that allow you to work for 40 hrs (on a CPT maybe?). are there trustable universities that offer such programs.


I am also looking for the same thing. Some trusted University with CPT availability. Will let you know if i find some.

All the best .

You can try getting accepted to a different program, probably a phd.

Alternatively, you can apply for some cap exempt jobs. Like non profit research foundations etc. They are not easy to find.

Another option i know ppl do is, to find jobs in Guam which is cap exempt. Then they transfer it over.

Or go to canada. If your company has an office there