Options to apply for green card with TN?

I am (naturalized Canadian from India) in US working on TN, and looking for options to apply for green card other than moving to H1B (waiting for H1B selection for past 3 years) or EB5.

I read that a company can apply green card for you (for future employment) under Indian origin category before getting TN. Is that true?

Please advise on any other options. Thanks

Any potential employer can sponsor your green card job as far as there is a bonafide job offer and employer has the ability to pay. The only issue in your case will be that if you don’t switch from TN to H1B, your green card will be filed using consular processing instead of adjustment of status in the US as you can’t file adjustment of status if you are on TN visa which is strictly non-immigrant unlike H1B which is considered dual intent.
Consular processing can be slower than adjustment of status in the US. Also note that even if you have canadian passport, the green card queues are based on country of birth and it is a long wait for people born in India.

Thanks Kalpesh!

I think I will be good if I move from TN to H1B before time comes for adjustment of status, right?

I understand that my green card queue is based on India and the wait time is longer. How long the processing time from the green card sponsor to adjust of status historically? (understand that any chance in immigration law will affect this time) I think I will have a lot more years to try my luck for H1B lottery before the time comes for adjustment of status based on current immigration law. Thanks again for your time.