Options/Risks with moving from H1 consulate processing mode to COS


I am on L1A visa currently and working as a project manager.

My H1 was selected in lottery this year .But it was filed in consulate processing mode by new employer B. This was done to minimize the risk so I can jump whenever I get a impressive job opportunity.


I am now looking for job and so planning to get onto H1 COS from consular process.

Questions : 

1. My understanding is that new employer B will need to file for COS from consular process & it takes approx. 1 months for this change to happen. Can someone confirm if this is the correct understanding ? 

2. Also if this is the case then I will not be able to work for new employer for 1 month till this change happens ?

3. As well during this time,it will be risky and not advisable to leave my L1A job employer since there is no guarantee that the COS would be successful at the end of 1 month. Is that correct ?

4. In practical scenarios, will the new prospective client with new employer B wait for 1 month for me?
I have observed that the client don't prefer to wait for more than 2 weeks for any kind of opportunities.


Pl suggest what options do I have in hand to proceed with getting a decent job on H1B and minimize risk to my current job.

Your COS process will not take one Month unless you have a RFE on your petition and you are going thru Premium process.

You are Eligible to start your assignment as soon as your petition is filled for COS.

If you are not confident about you COS approval you can wait or postpone you joining date until your approval.

You may not be given that much time to join.