Options for STEM OPT student if H1B lottery doesnt go through


With USCIS announcing a potential lottery for the H1B for FY 2014, I am a student in STEM OPT extension and I do not have any further periods of authorized employment after this. My employer is filing for H1-b on April 1 but I want to know what would happen if there is a potential lottery this year and if my application doesnt go through the lottery.

Would appreciate some inputs on this!!


If you don’t make through the random selection, then you will have to return to home country at the end of OPT term (plus 60 day grace period). You can also move to another visa status that you may be eligible for.

If random selection happens, then you will get two chances - your petition will first be added to 20K Masters cap for selection. If not selected, it will be added to 65K General cap for selection.