Options for PHD study in USA . Also PHD study in India from remote location

Hi , I would like to explore option of doing PHD from USA university . My area of Interest is Marketing , Strategy , Supply chain . I have done MBA from AICTE ,Delhi University . I have over 5 years of work experience .

My spouse is planning to fly to USA (New Jersey ) for official work . She is going to stay there for 2 years .

Hence I would be flying on dependent visa hence checking option of studying PHD at USA

Also checking possibility of doing PHD from India .

Please advise me

I cannot speak about remote PhD in India. But, I can suggest that, it is a great idea to embark on that journey of PhD, if you are really passionate about doing research or seeing yourself in academic fields in the future. What you can start to do is look at the schools around where your spouse would work and see, if their PhD programs are good. There are quite a few good schools in the New York Area and in the vicinity of NJ, just look around and do some research, you will find something good and exciting.

You have some of the best B-Schools in New York area like Columbia, NYU, etc. Just check out the requirements and plan for them…