Options for my husband to come to the U.S

I am currently in the US working. I am yet to file for my H1. I am on my OPT status. My husband works for company x in India, this company x has its head quarters in the US.

He is planning to come to the US to stay with me. What are the options for him to come to the US?

Can he ask the company to file an L1 for him since they have their office in the US?

Or can he come on H4 and apply to the company or ask the company for a H4 to L1 transfer? Please provide me with all the available options for him to come here AND be able to work.

There are many ways you can call your husband here depending on how long you are willing to wait:

  1. L1 is intra company transfer and his company needs to send him to US. This is quickest way he can get here and work. There might be few locations in US where he can work. His company should be ready to send him to US.

I do not think you can do H4 to L1 transfer ( confirm this!)

  1. Come on h4 and file for H1(COS) in Apr 2014 so that he can start working form Oct 2014 . This can be done through his company or any consultant

Your husband can get H4 only if u have H1. Now since you are on OPT he can get F2 Visa to come to US.- But he cannot work!

H-4 to L-1 is possible.

How soon do you want your husband to join you, and how soon he plans to work? L-1 is the fastest option (provided he is eligible along w/ the job) and H-4 -> L-1 is the longest. F-2 is also a quicker option but I am not sure about the success rate of F-2 visa stamping.