OPT unemployment/SEVIS record


Stupidity of me, after OPT approval, I did not update the employment status at that time, even though I was employed. Also, after I quit the third job, I did not update the end date of that company either.

If I put the end date of the 3rd company (6/13/2019), the OPT unemployment days in total become 99 days, which exceeds the unemployment limit during OPT.

The school officer said, the system-wise I am still in legal status because the SEVIS system did not recognize the total unemployment days during OPT because the 3rd company end date was not recorded.

Will this cause a problem for H1B processing?

Thank you,

Well, it is hard to say. They may issue an RFE, if their system is not up to date.
One thing you can do is ask your DSO to update the SEVIS record to be accurate. You can try to fix the details yourself on SEVP Portal, if possible too. In any case, SEVIS Is the key system, and if that is fine, you will be ok.
Keep all documentation handy, if asked. Nothing to panic, just be prepared.