OPT to H1B and Grad study


My OPT will be expired this May and My company offered to sponsor me with H1B. I still applied for STEM extension anyways in case I don’t get it.
So I applied for a MS program and got accepted for semester Fall 15’, semester starts August 31st. I’m awared that I can’t study another program while on OPT, otherwise my OPT will be invalid. However, what if I know I’m approved for H1B? They say H1B won’t start until Oct 1st. Can I or Can I not attend school in this case?

Thank you.

I am not sure, if you are aware of something called Cap- Gap for OPT students. You are eligible to work after your OPT expires, as long as you were in proper F1 status and your H1B visa was filed timely by the employer. You can read the full details at Univ of Washington OPT Cap Gap

Hi Kumar,

Is cap- gap still valid when OPT expires before filing for H1B? My OPT expires last day of Feb 2017 and my employer wants to file my H1B April 2017. Will I be out of status and have to leave the country after OPT ends?