OPT STEM Extension expiring before H1-B Lottery results..status ?


Firstly, I thank the RedBus2us community for all the help with our Visa related issues.

I have a peculiar problem wherein my OPT STEM Extension expires on the 12th of April and I would be filing for an H1-B Visa this year. Lets say the result of the lottery is out on the May 10th., can someone please explain me what would be my status from April 13th(the day after my OPT STEM ends) to the May 9th(The day before the lottery is out and I get the receipt)…? can I work during that period of time? I am currently holding a full-time position.

Thanking you for all the help. Much appreciated.

Vijay Kumar.

You can opt for Cap-Gap, using the USPS/UPS/Fedex receipt of filed H1 petition

Contact school. Also go for premium processing, so that you get to know the result sooner