OPT - i765 Denied - Believed to have been received 5 days late

International student from the UK that graduated from a 2 year program (Asociate arts degree)

I was within the 60 day window to apply for OPT after graduation, but this issue that my international student advisor beileves the problem is, is that USCIS recieved my application 5 days late him generating my i-20

I’m still awaiting to recieve the letter, but lets say this is the reason it was denied, what options will I have?

I basically have a job ready to start working at, but of course I can not unless I have my permit. Would it be easy for them, if they wished to, to sponsor me to work for them?

Thank you.

Talk to an attorney to see if you can appeal against the judgment.

I spoke with an immigration lawyer that told me that an appeal would likely be turned down. I’m not willing to do that when it costs $580.

I think my best option is to re-enroll in education to mantain F-1 Visa status and do CPT.