OPT for MBA studied students in USA?

I just came to know that after completion of MBA in US there will be no OPT, as MBA is not in STEM related course I should be leaving the country after 12 months of CPT. Is there any possibility of extending the visa if I study MBA, as I am very interested to study MBA I dont want to change to MS. kindly revert me with a solution.


Just to clarify,

CPT - Practical training while your attending school/completing your degree i.e your Internship/Co-Op

OPT - Post Degree Practical training.

What you refer to as CPT is infact OPT. After MBA you get 12 months of OPT while your STEM Degree gives you an OPT of 12 months plus an extension of 17 months so in all 29 months.

Though you can extend your CPT upto 12 months you need to be aware that if you use Full time CPT(40 hrs) for 12 months you become ineligible for OPT