OPT Extension Work Location / USCIS Audit

I was not selected for H1-B this year using my first-year OPT and will start to use my OPT extension later. My employer only has HQ (in another state) as an E-verify location, so they will relocate me to HQ to use my OPT extension and get me into the H1-B lottery next year.

I am currently in MA and unwilling to be relocated to HQ because my friends and family are here. My manager allows me to work remotely most of the time (but my position is not an official remote position).

In this situation, can anyone tell me if I can rent a place at HQ but only visit there 1 or 2 times every quarter while staying in MA? I called USCIS E-Verify twice and both times they told me working remotely in any state within the U.S. is fine for my case, but they denied my request when I ask for written material.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on what should I do? Thanks a lot!

As far as your post completion OPT employment is inline with the USCIS guidelines, you are good to work remotely. You may also consult your DSO for further guidance.