OPT extension request to Wrong Filing Location


I sent my OPT extension request to the wrong filing location (Phenix, AZ). I should have sent it to Dallas, TX. I am very very tense as I am not sure when USCIS will return it to me. My OPT expiration date is 8/31/2012, actually it has been expired already. After USCIS returns the document to me, I send another application to TX, the request date will be definitely beyond the OPT expiration date of 8/31/2012. So, in this case, will Dallas TX service center consider that I do not send my OPT extension request before my expiration date and therefore reject my case? However, I indeed sent it, but to the wrong address. Can I provide the evidence such as the copies of delivery confirmation and envelope to Dallas TX to show that I indeed had sent my OPT extension request before my OPT expiration date? I am so worried and hopefully someone with similar experience can help me on this. Thank you very much.

Well, I am not sure how they deal with OPT filings. For some of the filings, they return it back to the user, for some they forward to the right location to…so it depends. Call the USCIS help line or setup an appointment with them to clarify.