OPT Extension from Previous Master's degree

I am currently on F1 visa status expiring March 2020 for my ongoing MBA degree. I had my MS in Computer science which was a STEM degree which I completed in 2017 and I used my OPT but did not used my OPT extension. My question is that if I can use my OPT extension from my previous STEM degree after I complete my MBA to keep my status active in country.

As mentioned on USCIS website under eligibility for STEM OPT extension, it is supported that I can use my previous STEM degree OPT extension.

Would appreciate if someone had a similar situation and was able to use it.

Yes, you maybe able to use it. You need to discuss with your DSO on the eligibility and meet all of them. Discuss with your current DSO on the steps and also double check with your previous school DSO as well, if you need to clarify something…