OPT Expires in Dec 2012, applied for H1b not sure if I made it on June 11

I have applied for H1b but not sure if I made it on June 11, My employer said we shall apply next year in April 2013, Any suggestions to maintain status and continue working?

Any help would be appreciated!


If your application reached on 11th then you would have made it through the cap assuming all your documents were in order.

As far as the alternatives -

  1. Are you elgible for OPT Stem extension if so you can probably extend your OPT for another 17months

  2. If you are currently on entension or can only have a max of 1yr OPT then Dec 2012 puts you in a tricky situation. Since the grace period will only carry you till Feb, 2013 you wont be able to apply for H1b in the next cycle

  3. Over the next 6 months you can look for a cap exempt employer such as University/research instituition or non profit cap exempt organization

Good Luck

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for the reply, I am on OPT extension… I have heard there are schools which provide CPT ! If I make it to any one of them can I continue to work and apply for next year?

I am not well versed with the rules but usually most schools don’t offer CPT during the first quarter. As you might know a student is only eligible for a paid internship after one academic year(i.e 9 months) but in your case as this would be your second masters I am not sure how it works. But I think the clock would be reset. The best option for you would be to talk to your Int Student Advisor and see what the rule says about a second MS and CPT.

The one thing I am absolutely sure about is you would not be eligible for a second OPT but just try to verify the CPT rule.

Thanks for the valuable information Vicky… I know I am not eligible for OPT again unless I go for Phd program…

I will talk to my DSO officer about the issue, If I don’t make it through cap this year.

See if you can leave , and work remote till your employer reapplies again on April 1st with a PP …
Seems like there are very limited option left for you to work legally.