OPT EAD incorrect dates - please help/advise!

I have been in a tricky situation with my initial OPT EAD. I received EAD card with incorrect start and end dates. The desired start date (and the one recommended on OPT I-20) is February 7, 2022 while the EAD I got has October 13, 2021. I will graduate on December 16, 2021, so technically the start date should be after my graduation. I applied for typographic correction online (3 weeks ago) on the recommendation of the university DSO, but haven’t received any update from USCIS yet. I’m worried about my SEVIS termination if 90 days of unemployment rule applies from October 13, 2021. I can see that the SEVP portal shows active Post-completion OPT with incorrect dates as in EAD.

  1. What do you suggest should I do in this situation?
  2. What if I do not get updated EAD from 90 days of the current EAD start date?

Any thoughts or comments will be really appreciated! Thanks!

Get hold of a USCIS agent via Emma the chatbot and talk to them re: the issue and see what they have to say. This clearly seems USCIS error. If they accept, they will need to issue a new card and update the SEVP record which I think happens via DHS.

You may also schedule in-person appointment at local field office which can be much more effective. If you do , carry all documents that you submitted with the EAD application (I-765) you can filed with USCIS.

Once the SEVP is updated with the new EAD start date, this should no more be an issue.