OPT denied due to DSO's mistake. What should I do?

My DSO did not update latest I-20 issue date on SEVIS, due to this mistake USCIS denied my OPT application. USCIS received my application for OPT/EAD on December 15th 2017. An issue date on my latest I-20 was December 12th 2017. My DSO failed to update this date on SEVIS and USCIS denied my application as they saw November 2nd 2017 on the SEVIS system which exceeds the 30-day OPT rule. I am suffering due to my DSO’s mistake. I already have a job lined up but due to this mistake I still do not have my EAD. I feel miserable currently. I spoke to her today, she accepted her mistake and said that she contacted the SEVIS representative so that she can try to change my SEVIS status to active and file a correction request by uploading the USCIS letter of denial as an evidence. Do you think this step will be of any help? Or should I re-apply or file motion to re-open or motion to re-consider? I am looking forward for an appropriate guidance. I really appreciate any help.

Well, I think you should consider to re-apply or file motion to re-open. As the DSO has agreed that it was her mistake, you seek a letter from her stating the same info that it was a mistake from her side or something on that lines, so that USCIS can re-consider. If you can afford, I suggest you speak to an attorney and take their direction to fix the issue. Sometimes, we may not be able to do everything on our own and an attorney can help.

Thank you so much for the information. Also, I graduated on December 15th 2017, do you think re-apply option works for me?

hello. i am in the same situation. Please tell me what you intend to do. i am totally devasted

My stem opt denied due to clerical error they didn’t update the SEVIS. What happened to your MTR? They agreed to give a letter accepting mistake. Can my DSO do something? What do you think are the chances of getting approved in MTR?