OPT cap gap to h1b transfer only everified


i am on OPT - cap gap.My company filed my h1b and i got approval .Now my company laid me off from the job.I am on opt cap gap till sep 30th.My h1 will start from oct1st.

My company wants me to transfer my visa to some other company before sep30th.Right not they are holding my visa.

Now i am finding job ,but no luck so far.

My question is ,as i am on opt cap gap till sep 30th, can i only transfer my h1 to everified company or any company.

second que is ,if i dont find any job till sep 30th and if my previous company hold my visa after sep30th,can i stay here?

Do my payroll has to be generated till sep 30th?

what is the worst scenario i cant stay here ,till what date?

please help me.

As you are H1b approved now, you may transfer to any company (e-verified not mandatory any more)

Your best bet is to talk to a consultantancy/ recruiter and get your H1 transfered ASAP.

but what if y previous company cancel it,before i transfer.can i still do something ?

I am not sure, as far as I know, you have time untill the H1b cancellation forms they send is procesed by USCIS.

Read Quest 2 in the USCIS link