OPT Cancelled. How do I seek a job?

I will be completing my bachelor’s in Spring '14. I was placed on academic suspension then readmitted and finally placed on academic dismissal (with just one sem. left to graduate) from my previous university due to poor academic performance. I applied and got approved for OPT before I was academically dismissed from my previous university. Due to academic dismissal, I was transferred into my current university on a terminated F1 Visa. After discussions with my current academic adviser, I’ve applied for reinstatement of my F1 status while taking full-time classes. My current international adviser told me that USCIS is usually leniant towards the first offense. If what he told is true and if everything goes well, I should get my F1 status back by December '13. While handing over my OPT card to me, the international adviser from my previous university told me that my OPT is automatically cancelled and my current international adviser backs that.

What are my options after graduation, in Spring '14? If I end up getting a job, can I transition from F1 to H1B directly? Will calling and explaining my situation to the USCIS be of any avail? In the sense, could they extend my OPT or let me apply for a new OPT after my graduation in Spring '14?

I’d appreciate your response.

P.S. - My original OPT was from July '13 to July '14.