OPT approval delay

I have recieved the OPT receipt, and was suppose to start my OPT on August 4th.

( I applied on May.8th 2014)
However, I have not heard back for the official approval.

I called them and filled out the online form, but have not heard back on updates either.

Does anyone know what is happening?
Is it possible my OPT application went missing AFTER the receipt was sent?

What else can I do beside just wait? I was suppose to start work the day the OPT started (Augsut 4th 2014!)

Please help!

That happens to me too. I applied on June 24th for start day of October 1st but now it is two months and I still have not received anything from international office. I cam DSO and they told me keep waiting since it might take up to three months. I am worry that my application will be rejected.