Opening an LLC being on F1 visa

I have question for which i need to approach an immigration lawyer but if anybody has information regarding this please share your thoughts:

Being on F1-OPT can we open an LLC which is related to my field of study i.e IT training & Consulting and pay taxes if applicable everything is legal .

My questions are:

Will be ok to open LLC being on F1-OPT.

Won’t be any immigration issues in future .

Please share your thought will be of great help.

As you rightly mentioned, it is best that you speak to an Immigration Attorney, run through the specifics of your situation, and get proper advice. The consideration is not so much about opening an LLC, but working for the LLC and whether you are authorized to offer services.

Due to the F1 OPT status, you can open an LLC or an S-Corp but you can’t accept remuneration or contribute work hours. You can volunteer minimally such as 2 hours per week as gratis board member and this must be mentioned in the Articles of Organization. Your immigration lawyer will take $250 from you and tell you it can’t be done- and that would be incorrect advice.

Thanks for the advice ,how about opening an Wyoming LLC and provide software training online by other person will this impact any immigration issues please advice.

The International offices at UC Berkeley and University of Chicago state that an F-1 OPT candidate can be self-employed, incorporate their own business as long as it is directly linked to their program of study because the government is empowered to request evidence at any time. If this is correct, then my previous advice is incorrect.

Shanker Ji can you also clarify on this for me I am a sole owner of LLC from Wyoming State .My LLC is set up for online training on Information Technology should i need to pay taxes for the income i make through LLC .I don’t take a penny from the income i get through online training from LLC will this effect anything on my future visa extension please advice will be a great help.