Only one reciept by Axis bank for both parent's B2 visa appmt?


I created a profile with one of my parent’s name at the Stanley website and got a ref number to pay the visa fee. It showed 2X160=$320 with the conversion at the time of the fee payment. I thought the bank would provide 2 reciept numbers since the fee was for 2 people, but they provided only one. Now when I try to schedule an appointment, it is not accepting the same reciept number for both. What did I do wrong? Was I suppsoed to get 2 reciepts or is this problem because the conversion rate has changed since the fee was paid.



Most likely receipt has not been activated and you were making premature attempt for Appointment.

Axis bank would not accept anything but correct payment { though on one occasion Bank system was showing incorrect amount } But it got corrected automatically later

The payment was made over the counter at axis bank. It was for $320 converted indian rupees as per the coversion rate at the time($ 1 = Rs 58) and this payment was made about 2 weeks ago. I thought this was ample time for the reciept was activated. Is there a way to check if the reciept was activated or not?

Certainly Receipt has got activated.This has nothing to do with conversion rate or 1 or 2 receipts.
Normally system fills the receipt nos on its own after activation and you only have to – Continue to take the apointment.
Occasionally system does not show receipt no even after the receipt is activated. Then you have to put receipt nos and proceed.
On payment page before appointment, is receipt no at left hand bottom blank or is it filled automatically?If system shows some no there simply proceed to take appointment.
If it is blank and you are unable to proceed after filling receipt nos , contact me on phone no 91-712-2420855