Only advantage of consultancy filing H1 from India

Hi Saurabh,

I am based out of India. A consultancy will be filing H-1 while I am in India. Getting a visa without client letter seems a remote chance.

Coming to my question, I am assuming even if my H-1 petition is approved, i would not be getting visa. The only advantage of following all this process is CAP exemption and can work anytime from October, (which provides much more number of chances for employment , i believe employers(when we try jobs post october) are interested in quick joiners as they can go for H-1 transfer. Is my assumption true ??? Please let me know,…

or I will just try for H-1 sponsors in Feb/March if there are no greater chances by doing all this.

I know It is very difficult to get H-1 sponsors in Feb/Mar, since no one shows interest as the person can work only from october.

Look out for the Conultancy/Employer U r working, Employer background, Job, Client Letter and docs matter a lot in the decision of Approval…

U can go for Cap-Exemption or Transfer if Approved…

I agree w/ Rana’s response here.