Once my I-140 is approved, how long will it be valid if my employer does not cancel it before processing 1-485?

I have L1-A visa (Multinational Executive or Manager) and my company is processing my Green card under EB1 category. For business requirements, I have to work from Group company’s office in India for 9-10 months and will be in USA only for 2 months. I dont have a permanent residence/house or rental history in USA.

It remains valid until employer withdraws it. So it can be used 1-2 years down the line for I485 filing.

Hi Saurabh,

I have heard that after getting I140 an employee can switch the employer after working for 6 months (180 days). Does USCIS suggests that even servicing for 180 more days with same employer also the I140 can be rejected/declined by the employer?

The employer can withdraw their approved I-140 anytime they want.