Once H1b is approved any chance to withdraw it before it starts and use OPT

My H1b is filled through Employer A and I got job from employer B who does not do H1 transfers. My H1-B is not approved yet and going to be active on OCT1st. If I revoke my H1 now but still is approved before OCT1 is there any way I can get back to OPT to work for employer B.

You cannot revoke your H-1 petition, only A can do that. Is your end goal to work for B on OPT and not worry about H-1? Is it ok even to be out of cap/lottery, and go through it again?

I’m okay to go to lottery again. My end goal to get back my OPT and work on OPT for my employer B.

You need to do 2 things:

  1. Leave US prior to Oct 1 and return after Oct 1. This way your status will not change to H-1 when the same gets approved.
  2. Talk to your DSO about your SEVIS record. If your H-1 was filed w/ COS, then probably your SEVIS record has an end date. If you plan to return on F-1 and OPT, then it is important that your SEVIS record remains active.