On visa Stamp Issued 221g for 2nd Employer ,even i got 221 for 1st employer.

I have attended H1B visa interview in Mumbai Consulate on 07 of Sept 2016. I got 221g and asked to submit documents but employer didn’t show interest to submit docs . After few days I got another employer ,who applied for Cap Exempt in PP and petition approved.As i have big client name and all documents.

In 12 Jan 2017 attend visa interview in Hyderabad Consulate.But after basic questions like employer name, client name, salary, client location.She asked

Have you attend any previous visa interview and what’s happen.
Ans: Yes in Mumbai location from previous employer.And issued Administrative Process slip.

She moved out of her place n went somewhere and back again and by looking at her computer asked

  1. What is your full name
    Ans: Answered
  2. Date of birth
    Ans: Answered

Then looked into computer and typed something for 1-2 minutes.
And issued Administrative process slip.

Please let me know the what will be reason??