On OPT Extension - Non- E-verified Employer

One of my friend has a query.

He has extended his OPT with E-Verified employer and then

After extension shifted to a Non-E Verified employer. Is this Legal?

Will there be a problem in H1B Visa?

As long as new employer has a verifiable taxpayer identification number and is 51% owned by US citizen or permanent resident, your friend should be ok

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OPT Extension requires the employment through an e-verified company. So once the person is on OPT, all employment should be through an e-verified company.

Maybe I am reading this incorreclty. E-verify is a process by which a company creates an I-9 case for a prospective employee and USCIS issues an ‘OK’ statement. So what does an E-verified employer mean? Every employee is supposed to be E-verified and it is every employer’s duty to make sure it is done…

Not all employers are e-verified. That is why there is a provision in the new immigration bill to make it mandatory for all.

When a person is OPT, s/he can work for any employer. However, while on OPT extension it is a requirement for the employer to be e-verified. As the OP mentioned, his new employer is non-e-verified; hence he cannot join them while on OPT extension.

Thanks Saurabh