On L2, emp applying for H1B in 2014. Can I change job before Oct 2014

Hi Everyone

I am currently working on L2 EAD, a prospective employer (lets say ABC) is applying for H1B in April 2014 WITHOUT change of status, so I will still be working on L2 Visa.

Assuming, if due to some unforeseen reasons, I decide not to join ABC after H1B petition approval or leave the job with ABC  before Oct 2014 while I am still on L2 Visa EAD, 
a) will my H1B approved petition be void, as I never moved onto H1B ? Or 
b) can the new employer (Lets say XYZ) make H1B transfer without COS whilst I am still on L2 Visa ? 

In simple terms, I want to understand, if I can continue to be on L2 Visa with EAD though my H1B petition is approved (without COS). If I can, does a new employer has to do H1B transfer though I am still on L2 Visa. 

Apologies, if all these sound too complicated. Couldn't put it down more simply.

Thanks for your help. SIncerly appriciate it.