Old US visa portal to new portal profile name issue


I had an account in the old portal used for my daughters visa application. So now while renewing my visa i had to migrate from old US visa portal to new portal using the same mail id. Now the payment made towards my name in the new portal after uploading DS-160 is reflecting in my daughters name as an applicant. I have mailed this issue to the support team. But i haven’t received any reply. Will i loose the money and is it better to open a new profile in my name start from scratch in the new portal or wait for them to revert?

Thank you

Same issue happened with me. I had my MIL name in old portal, unfortunately I used same email address. Now I paid for my mother’s DS160 but it’s showing my MIL name in applicant name.
Was your issue resolved or you had to pay again?

Hi Divya,

Am stuck with the same issue wherein I used the same email address that was used in old portal for my mom. Had multiple rounds of emails/customer service calls, they are saying that a receipt tagged to a profile cannot be untagged!! This, I felt, was really unfair as it was never mentioned anywhere in their website of transition of old portal to new one that the same email address cannot be used.

I am searching for a way out on this. Were you able to get any positive outcome?