Old H1b status - intent to revoke while the transfer is still not started its process

Hi All ,

My employer applied for transfer of my h1b visa to a new company (Internal changes in the company) that case is not yet started with its process . And got an alert from uscis saying "Post Decision Activity : On December 28, 2015, we mailed you a notice explaining our intent to revoke our earlier approval of your case, ". Any idea what this can be. What steps I should take or be ready for ? Kindly help.



Talk to your employer/attorney about it. They should have received letter from USCIS about the reasons etc.

Hi SH, could you let me know what actions you and your company have taken in this case. Because i also am in exactly ur situation and may be we work for the same company. So i am interested in what next steps did you take? Appreciate ur reply.

Hi Priyanka ,
They are not replying me yet . I dont know what is going on. Still trying to contact them. When did you get this status. Did you take any steps.

Hey SH, what is your current situation? are you working? has employer A (original Petition) responded responded and what is employer B (amended petition) saying. Is employer B suggesting premium on amended petition?

I was able to finally get my employer A on the call and they are not willing to respond.