Old co. H1 visa exp Sep13. Can I get new co. stamping in March13?


H1 new employer I797 expiry is 2015

old employer I797 sep 2013

Did I understand your question correctly?

Well, Thanks a ton, you people are doing great help!!

I want to know if there is a condition of “duration” for stamping. Say for e.g. is there -any rule that says I should go for new H1 stamping only if my old H1 visa is expiring in 6 months or less?

I am traveling to India in March 2013. My visa from previous employer is valid till sep 2013 which means I can go and come back to US on old employer visa. However I want to get stamping done and have new employer’s visa on my passport (I have I797 etc. from new employer).

There is still 7 months from March-september, can I still get the stamping done?

Thanks a lot!!

When is your petition expiring?

Yes, you can appear for stamping through the new employer if you want. It is ok to appear for stamping any time after your primary petition changes (like in this case from old to new employer).