OFC Facility Rules for Delhi Appointment

Hello All,

I have scheduled the OFC and visa interview on 17th and 18th December at Delhi. For the embassy, I have read some instructions/rules about what items are allowed inside the embassy with the candidate. I wanted to know if the same rules apply to the OFC appointment as well?

Also for the embassy interview, would a piano folder be okay to carry the documents?

Thank You,

I have not been to an OFC center in India, but I would think same rules would apply. It should be fine to carry a folder.

Why dont you call them if you are in doubt.  Recently one of our readers posted their experience, it does not say anything specific. 

[H1B OFC expereince in Chennai ](http://redbus2us.com/h1b-visa-stamping-2012-new-ofc-process-experience-in-chennai-india/)

Yes, the same rules apply. If they didn’t, say you are allowed mobiles at OFC, wouldn’t a terrorist organization immediately target OFC ?

It would be better to carry all documents in a clear transparent plastic cover. You can use clips to keep related documents together.