OFC appointment not available

Hi, I am eligible under “IW” (interview waiver) for student visa starting Aug 2021. But an OFC (VFS) appointment to drop off my documents is not available. Under the heading “OFC Appointment”, I see CHENNAI IW as my (correct) option, above which is the constant notification in yellow highlight: There are currently no appointments available.
No calendar opens up.

Is this what others are seeing too?
Since term begins August, I should be eligible for an emergency appointment. Are emergency appointments available for OFC? If so, how do we schedule them?

Same here although for a different purpose. Trying to get appt for immigrant visa OFC, no appts available at any city in India.

any progress for both of you? I’m applying for parents and it’s the same status for a long time. When I called call center they are saying the consulate has not opened any dates so that message is showing up. Is chennai consulate closed?

No change so far. Same message.
Yes, they are closed. Per a tweet from today (link below), until June 4. But my friend at the Embassy in New Delhi says they don’t expect to open anytime soon.

Thanks for this info, I’m not on Twitter and would’ve seen this for few days in main news. Let’s hope Covid crisis gets better and they open the interview slots