NVC notice on I-140 approval

My husband’s I-140 was approved mid of July after which I filed for my H4 EAD. Couple of days back my husband received an email from US Department of State National Visa Center saying " The National Visa Center (NVC) received the immigrant visa petition filed by ******** on behalf of ****** from U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services. However, your case is not currently eligible for further processing because there is an
annual limit on the number of immigrant visas that the Department of State can issue. For some visa categories,
the wait could be many years.
This petition will be eligible for further processing when your priority date is earlier than the cut-off date for
your visa category"
We tried finding about it but still don’t have a clear picture.
My concerns are as follows:

  1. Is it a default process that proceeds to the NVC on approval of I-140 as he didn’t raise request for it?
  2. Is this going to affect my H4 EAD process?
  3. Couple of months down the line we need to apply for our visa extension, will we be able to get an extension for 3 years since I-140 is approved??

Thanks in advance!

  1. Check w/ employer/attorney if they filed concurrent I-140 and I-485. This message should be received only if I-485 has also been filed.

  2. If my assumption in (1) is correct, then no impact on your EAD

  3. Yes, 3 years extensions as I-140 is approved.

Thank you for your response…