Number of "Case Approved" stuck at 24 for more than a week ?


I’ve been checking progress of number of “Case Approved” to have an idea about processing time after being selected in the lottery, but noticed this number stopped at 24 more than a week ago.

Does anyone have a clue about why ?

Also, generally speaking, does anyone have an idea about when to expect case approval or other result ? I was selected in the lottery and would like to start working in the US next October, will I get my case result on time ?

Cheers !


Since all cases are filed in normal processing, there is no specific deadlines for the Visa processing. Its going to take its own time.

For past two weeks, the general trend is more RFE than approval.

Hope all of the lottery selected petitions would get approval before October.

All I would say is, some of the cases have started getting approval already.

We just have to wait for our chance! Good luck!