Noticed wrong DOB in DS-160 after PA

Hl All,

I’ve noticed on my PA date that there was a DOB mismatch in DS-160.

Document verification team in VISA Cell noticed during my finger print and still let me attend the interview.

VISA interview went fine and officer took my passport for stamping.

Can you please advice,

  1. Is there any way i can apply/correct the dateils.

  2. What complications i may face if it gets stamped with a wrong DOB in the visa stamp.

I would really approciate your suggesion, thanks.

Check your VISA stamp for the correctness of your DOB in that. If there is a mismatch, you can get it corrected from the consulate where you appeared for the interview.

[VFS - General FAQs]( (See the section "After receiving the visa" - Q.2)