Notice of Intent to Revoke NOIR - Urgent


My wife is working in a reputed Indian MNC. She is currently in US on H1B.

She got a call from her employer last week that the company has received a NOIR from USCIS.

Seems like an USCIS officer has visited her US location last year in April 2013. As she has returned to India on Feb 2013 for marriage, she was not there when the officer came for verification. So they have sent the NOIR request to her employer on Feb 04th 2014. And her employer contacted her only 2 days back.

Her concerns are…

  1. Is this common problem that can be solved by the employer clarifying to USCIS?

  2. Is there any timeframe within which this issue should be resolved?

3 Is the NOIR tied to the current client/current employer?

  1. Also she is trying for a different job now. So if she switches companies, will this problem be resolved…?

  2. Is H1B transfer possible when NOIR is pending approval from USCIS?

Please advice.



I am in similar situation now, could you please let me know what happened in your wife’s case and the decision time it took for USCIS.

Thank you for your response

She switched her employer. No issues thereafter.