Notice of Intend to deny due to multiple H-1B Cap Registrations

Hi There,
Recently i got NOID due to Multiple H-1B Cap registrations as my consultancy has filed multiple registrations to increase the chances of the lottery. Hence it got denied.
They have 4 subsidary companies and having same owner registered for all of these.
I am not aware of this on what did they do… all of crazy stuff. due to this i have lost the FY23 eligibility.

What is next step for me.? can any one suggest.

  1. Whether i have to go for new h-1B cap registration FY 24.? if so there wont be any problem in current lottery/petetion process.?
  2. Any legal issues arrive during the process.?

Please let me know if there any consequences due to this.?

Your suggestion is much appreciated.