Notice Explaining USCIS' Actions Was Mailed Means???


What does Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed mean? this status came after RFE response Received Status…Please reply me asap becoz it is urgent


I got the same mail as status for my h1b visa today. Do you have any updates on this please?

Thanks, Jagan

Hello Jagan
This means NOID notice of intent to deny…it is a RFE requiring lot of details…my employer replied it in detail and i got the visa smoothly…but care should be taken that the reply should be very detailed so that no further question comes…

Thank you for reply Venky. I’m checking with my employer on this. what are the possibilities for this type of issues please?

It can be anything…from the length of the project - why it is small? why the project not matching your company portfolio…where was the project done by people of u r organization earlier…or why the education of candidate not matching the project requirements…etc etc from right to left and top to bottom they might ask anything…try to know from your employer what was the RFE about?

Thanks again…It will very helpful

what was the outcome . i am in same boat.