Notice Explaining USCIS' Actions Was Mailed - H1B extn - advise

Hello I my case was updated with this status today “Notice Explaining USCIS’ Actions Was Mailed”. I filed H1b ext, replied to RFE for 2 questions.

  1. Submit copy of passport with current expiration date.

  2. Evidence to establish beneficiary qualifies for speciality occupation

Responded with appropriate proof. I’m confused what to expect from this status.

Should I expect more proof?

Should I expect denial for?

My education Btech and MS(computers) and technology certification, working from 2012. Please advise.

The language “Notice explaining USCIS action…” is identical for approval and denial. We have to wait and see. If it is approval - then congratulations. If it is intent to deny, then plan to initiate an immediate appeal

Thank you. I received the notice mail. It is intent to deny if few more evidence is not provided. My lawyer had incorrectly mentioned the extension is for a location previously approved. In fact not and other typo for end client name. Have 33 days to respond else denied. Working on response.

Good to know. I have always found it best to complete all responses and then give it to attorney. Most immigration lawyers in the US struggle with these things. You are closer to the case than they are, 80% of work must be done by you.