Not Selected Letter from USCIS-H1-B-2017

Hi ,

I applied H1-B for 2017 and it was not picked up in the lottery.

I asked myemployer for not selected letter from USCIS and he told me that they have not received any letter from USCIS, instead they received all application and forms that filled during processing.

is it true that they have not received the letter from USCIS or they have not filled my application.

Could you please let me know how to check whether they have filled it or not.

Please guide me on this.

They should have received a letter from USCIS. Are you sure that your employer really applied H1 for you?

Hi Saurabh,

The lawyer who filled it on behalf of employer mentioned in his web portal that …Received and scanned Not Selected Letter. E-mailed the Employer.

I checked with the employer and he told me that he has just received all forms and documents that he submitted during filling.

is it the USCIS only send not selected letter plus all forms or only not selected letter.

Do you think if the employer has not filling my docs and eat all my money.

Please let me know your suggestion/feedback on this.

USCIS sends out the rejection letter as part of the process. So either USCIS made a mistake and didn’t send the letter, or your employer didn’t file it in the first place and now making an excuse.