Not selected in the H1 lottery for 2014


I had applied for H1b in April 2013, and it did NOT get selected in the lottery. I have a bachelors in Business Adminstration and it does not qualify for stem extension. My OPT expires July 31, 2013. I am currently working in NYC. I learnt that there is 60 days grace period after OPT expires, however, I can work during that time.

Can someone please suggest of what options I have to stay legally in the country.

Below are the options I already know:

  1. Go full time for Masters. Any decent schools that are still accepting applications for Fall 2013?

  2. Get on a full time student status and work on CPT. Whats scools do this in/around NYC?

You cannot work during the grace period. You need to stop working when OPT ends.