Not received case no. in 2.5 months

I work for one of the largest Indian IT company. They filed my H1B on 13th April but have still not received my case number. When I asked them to inquire with USCIS, they said there is no lead time to receive the case number and hence I should wait. But 2.5 months is a very long time. What should I do in this case?

USCIS had a press release in May that there is a Delay in H1B Visa 2013 Receipt Notices Dispatch. One should expect a delay of 60 days, but can vary due to huge number of petitions received by USCIS. I am not sure if you can do anything about this, other than waiting. Only the petitioner can approach USCIS with any queries and they asked you to wait.

However, if you could upgrade the petition to Premiun Processing you will get adjudication in 15 calendar days - check with your emploer on that option.

I have a similar case. My visa was filed on 11th April but even i don’t have receipt number yet. Wonder if this is the case with only our company or all the IT companies.

As per the reply from our Immigration team, came to know they will upload the receipt numbers in the internal portal when they receive the same for all employees. Weird policy though! It means we have to wait for the person whose case was filed on 11th June! It might come in Sept as well! Do they want us to wait that long!

The reply to me was that they have not received the case number as yet. And they will load it in portal as soon as they get it.

If they are going to wait for receipt number for each empolyee, it can take very long time. I hope they don’t follow the same method for loading the approval/rejection results in the internal portal. We must have some lead time to plan and prepare for final stamping.

They told me the same thing at first. On probing several times they said they are waiting for all receipt numbers to come.

For approval/ rejection, you yourself can track the status on the USCIS website. But for that you need the receipt number.

Agree. Hopefully, it will be approved. But we can’t proceed with stamping and and other approvals till approval is uploaded in system.

It takes minimum 21 stages in system to get final visa. We are still at 9th stage. :slight_smile: Though approval and final stamping are the two most imporant for us.

Oh is it! Finding a project and the perfect role is another story :slight_smile: It’s a long journey! If possible, do connect with me in Office Communicator. M there in the same name.