NOID for my H1 extension (Notarization from Manager)

This is the RFE…The Evidence that you submmited insufficient.The email that you submitted from end client contains several irregularities that raises the question has to authenticity.the burden has shifted to you to establish the specailty occupation is available at the end client location throughout the duration of the project. For example, you may submit a notarized affdavit from the manager indicating that he authorized to make reprsentation on behalf of client.Notarization affadavit from manager is not possible. I have submitted below documents.1) Email and letter from manager that he provided the client letter on particular date and the work is speciality occupation work.2) Internal portal reporting structure and manager profile.3) id card, my desk location.Is this sufficient to clear my RFE.? I am working for Big client in bayarea.

Response would be highly appriciated