No Status change after RFE response

Hi Team,

My H1b petition got picked in the lottery and after applying for Premium processing I received an RFE. Now the problem is that my company says they responded in 2 weeks but I do not see any change in status on the case tracker(Status is still “Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed”).

My company says it has been 3 days that the response has been sent and the 15 day clock started. Is it possible that USCIS responded to company attorney and has forgot to the change of status to response received?

Any help would really ease my anxiety.



It has happened in the past that the online status is not the most up to date status. If your employer is confident that the response has been received by USCIS, then trust that. Once 15 day SLA is over, your employer can contact USCIS to follow-up.

Lages , Any change in the status…since i am in the same boat

When did you get the update on this? Please reply