No result heard yet from USCIS


THe documents have been received to USCIS on June 2. I have procesed it in premium and stil havent heard the result. Please do let me know how many days does it usually take. I still do see it is still in and is in acceptance state.



Under premium processing, your application is suppose to take about 15 days.

My application(PP) has been received on May 31 and I am still waiting for the result. Dont worry.

A decision on petition filed with Premium Processing will be taken within 15 calendar days of the Receipt Date. Since the date you have mentioned (2nd June) is Saturday, they will mark the acceptance date as 4th June, i believe. You could get to know the acceptance date from the USCIS website.

The status shown in their website is some times not up-to-date. So its better you check with your attorney whether he/she has got the intimation from USCIS on approval or RFE.