No Client Letter from Client but have valid SOW and MSA ? will there any issues in Amendment

i came to US for Client A and now i need to work Client B, my employer started my amendment process and attorney asked for Manager and End Client Letter, but my new client doesn’t have policy to provide Client letter, but i have Signed SOW and MSA which is valid till 2021.

i just want to know will there be any issues if i proceed with H1b Amendment without Client Letter, i guess SOW and MSA would suffice to prove Employer Employee Relationship. Please suggest!!

My current petition with Client A is valid Till June 2019.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hi Karan,

Sorry for the delayed response. Please ask attorney to proceed without client letter, I have seen many approvals without it. However, an RFE is not avoidable these days and if USCIS does demand client letter, present that request to the legal team.

Best wishes

Thanks Shankar, Really appreciate ur response

Hello @sshankar, I have a similar situation. I have valid MSA, client letter, itinerary which states my jobs duties, responsibilities along with my supervision, signed by both parties but with no SOW. How much an impact would it be.

  1. Copies of signed contractual agreements, statements of work, work orders, or service agreements from authorized officials of the ultimate end-client company(ies). Company, where the beneficiary will perform the work, which provide information such as a detailed description of the specialized duties the beneficiary will perform, the qualifications that are required to perform the job duties, salary or wages paid, hours worked, the duration of the job, benefits, a brief description of who will supervise the beneficiary and their duties, and any other related evidence.

This is the question asked and I feel that the rest of the documents provide the relevant information. Is SOW still necessary. Submitting the response today.