NIE request, results time frame

I am in need of help to get insight view on NIE results time frame. I have applied for NIE on July 6th and awaiting for results, I got my last stamping done in London( US Embassy) and all previous stamping were made in Mumbai. I got acknowledgment same day from Mumbai NIE. I need approval to travel I have stamped Visa till 2022.

Please help and guide on my request…

Can anyone please help and guide on my request. I had applied for NIE to Mumbai US consulate on July 6th and waiting for results.

Hi Gaurav,

Is there any update on this? I also applied around 20th July and still awaiting for the response.
Took 1st follow up yesterday.

Hi Vishal Shah,

I also applied in July 21st and still awaiting for the response. What kind of follow up did you do? Can you let me know how I do follow up. I hope we shouldn`t send multiple emails to NIE email ID, is there any other way to check.

I got response in 2+ weeks and was asked to submit information for dependents travelling with me in same format. I had shared info last Monday and waiting for results. Probably will get results by Monday.

Great. thank you for sharing Gaurav.

I am taking NIE approval in advance before booking the stamping date (the company wants me to do this). Not sure, is it the right decision or not? but finger crossed.

Hey Hemanth,

It was normal follow up mail only for the progress. Nothing else.

However, I did not get auto acknowledgement on this. Not sure what does it mean. Finger crossed !

Thank you for response Vishal. Yes just fingers crossed. Please let me know once you received response.

Hi Vishal,

Did you get any response on NIE?

Hi Gaurav,

Its already been 3 weeks and yet not received response on NIE. Can you suggest me if i can send reminder email to Consulate or will this reminder email may cause more delay in response?