NIE for me without having a H4 visa

Hi. My name is Kaavya. I am married to Anirudh who is a H1B holder and has been granted an NIE and is currently in the US. We have been married since December 2020. I have applied for my H4 but the appointment date is in February.
Am I eligible for an NIE? Can I use the NIE as a supporting document to get my H4 appointment expedited?
I am anxious and confused and want to join my husband in the US. I would be obliged to you all for any clarity that any of you could give me.

Do you have a typo with your appointment date? Feb is past gone :slight_smile:

Check at the below link if you qualify for NIE.

No, no typo. My appointment is on 2nd Feb, 2022.

Yes I do, as my husband is on a H1B and has been granted NIE.

Your appointment is 8 months from now so you have no reason of concern at this point. The travel ban should be lifted by then.

I understand, but he’s been granted an NIE and is in the USA now. I want to join him at the earliest.

  • derivative family members accompanying or following to join a noncitizen who has been granted or would be reasonably expected to receive a National Interest Exception (NIE), or is not otherwise subject to the Proclamations and who is engaging in certain types of long-term employment, studies, or research lasting four weeks or more.

Does this mean if I as a H1 holder get the NIE, my H4 dependents (spouse and kid) can travel along and don’t need a separate approval. Is that correct?

H4 dependents still need NIE approval on basis of H1B NIE.