NIE for h4 for Us travel

Hi I received NIE along with visa but my dependents has not received as they got visa stamped in March. So please advice as I want travel along with my family. So guide me on process currently we all are in India

Only people with NIE are able to travel from India to the US. The only other way for your H-4 dependents with a valid visa to travel along with you is to travel via 3rd country (not in the list of presidential proclamation) and do a stayover for 14 days before flying to the US.


I have a stamped H1b visa and my wife has stamped h4 visa- Can someone please confirm if we have to apply for NIE separately ? Or would one email be sufficient if i include my spouse visa detais on it?

Please go through the faq link above and find out if you qualify for NIE.

Hello Kalpesh,

Thank you for your reply. My question is around if i have to request two separate emails for NIE but not if i am qualified?

Thanks in advance.

If you & your wife qualify for NIE, you can send information for both in single email. Refer to the process and email format in the faq link. Also check your eligibility under NIE before sending the email.

I do not see the eligibility category for H1B visa for IT Sector- I work for a healthcare IT and I think i am eligible right?

You can send email to the consulate and confirm.

Hi I got nie for family on family separation. Thanks for the help

Thanks for sharing! Good to know that family separation is one of the undocumented criteria.